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AOS on 3200


I recently attempted to put the 6.3 code onto a 3200 (non-XM) but it produced an error, can't remember exactly what, but it suggested using a lower code version. My question is - Is there an upper limit of code version for the 3200 or the other smaller models for that matter.

Re: AOS on 3200

The 6.2 + 6.3 featuers requied eXtra Memory.

Without the XM - your top AOS build will be 6.1.X.X


Aruba 3200
– The 3200 is getting low on free memory due to ever
expanding feature set of ArubaOS.
– Aruba has released an “XM” (extra memory) version of the
3200 also a field kit (3200-MEM-UG) where you can upgrade
the memory yourself
• No you can’t use your own memory from local PC shop !
– Non upgraded 3200 will not be supported for ArubaOS 6.2

6.2 is no longer officially supported on a 3200 without the memory upgrade.

ArubaOS 6.2.x is supported only on the newer MIPS controllers (7200 Series, M3, 3400, 3600, 600 Series,
3200XM, and any 3200 with its memory upgraded using 3200-MEM-UG kit).


Legacy PPC controllers (200, 800, 2400, SC1 and SC2) and 3200 (default memory) are not supported. DO
NOT upgrade to 6.2.x if your deployments contain a mix of MIPS and PPC controllers in a master-local


Upon upgrade to ArubaOS 6.2, the internal AP of the 651 controller will be disabled. The controller will
then operate as a 650 controller.


more info & posts regarding your question:




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Re: AOS on 3200

Thanks for the info, very informative.

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