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AOS6.3 show ap arm state command


On AOS version 6.3.X.
The command "show ap arm state" shows new items as follows.

"Path Loss (dB)" "Neighbors (R/T)" "Relevant"

Would you teach someone what these mean ?

I tried to find CLI guide, but I couln't find.

(aA-3200) #show ap arm state
AP:6c:f3:7f:c6:cb:26 MAC:6c:f3:7f:ec:b2:70 Channel:116 EIRP:22 Max EIRP:22 Edge:enable
Client Density:0 Valid neighbors: 5 Relevant neighbors: 4 Rx Probe Reports: 54
Moves(T/S):0/0 Sticky(T/S):0/0 Bandsteer(T/S):0/0 Loadbal(T/S):0/0
Neighbor Data
Name               IP Address    SNR (dB)  Path Loss (dB)  Channel/Pwr  Neighbor Density  Neighbors (R/T)  Relevant
----               ----------    --------  --------------  -----------  ----------------  ---------------  --------
18:64:72:c1:37:ac  53        101             40/15        0                  5/5
d8:c7:c8:c0:53:14  59        50              52/16        0                  4/5             Yes
Legend: R = Relevant, T = Total,  Neighbor Density = (Overlap/Neighbor's Density/ Overlap to local density ratio/ Overlap to neighbor's density ratio)

ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba3200), Version

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Re: AOS6.3 show ap arm state command


Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: AOS6.3 show ap arm state command



I want to know


"Path Loss (dB)", "Neighbors (R/T)" and  "Relevant"


They are new informations on 6.3.


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Re: AOS6.3 show ap arm state command

intresting.. I also wish to know what it is.. 

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Re: AOS6.3 show ap arm state command

It's been a full year and the CLI guide is still out of date.  This isn't documented anywhere that I can find.  

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Re: AOS6.3 show ap arm state command



If you want those parameters to be documented, please login to the support site and leave the request on the ideas portal.  Documentation and features are added changed and maintained based on customer demand.

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