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AOS8.2 VMC Wired Role

Hi Guys,

iam trying to use a VMC as a Gust "Router" with a local wired guest lan. The controller should use his captive portal and role to nat traffic to the internet. All is fine excapt that i cant set the role on the incoming vlan on the inside port. Currently the role is the guest-logon but i created a new role and i want to use this new role on the wired "port". Normally there is a way to set the role on the "vlan" or Port but i can't find them in AOS8.

Maybe you can help me with this issue ? Otherwise i reconfigure the "default" guest-logon role. Normally i set under the right VLAN with "more" the Option Wired LAN Profile: f.E. Captive Portal and ill get the error: Could not de-reference the aaa profile: default.


Thanks in advance!

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