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AOS8.3 and RAPS Securejack limited to 1 profile per RAP?

In the past using various RAPs, I've been able to assign a VLAN at a per-port level to each port on the RAP3, 155, etc.  Now it seems that only the 2nd port is configurable.  I have gone through the CLI and GUI and docs and can't find mention of being able to assign another profile to 3rd and 4th ports, etc.  

For training it's been very handy as I can mail a RAP to someone and they plug in different machines into different ports to access various networks which are not interconnected.

My workaround appears to be that I will need to assign the securejack as a trunk port then ship a RAP and Managed switch to clients.

Am I missing anything in the new version or is that feature no longer available?

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Re: AOS8.3 and RAPS Securejack limited to 1 profile per RAP?

I knew by posting I would decrease my time to learn...

So here it is - in the top right of the login screen, select "advanced" at your login to enable advanced profiles.


Now select AP groups and select your AP group, then in there you can configure the ports/profile.  


So there it is.  

View Below:
Untitled.jpgEasy as 1,2,3,3,3,2,1, etc.

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