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AOS8 345 SmartRate with redudancy - LACP?

Howdy!  We plan to deploy Campus 345's with the SmartRate port e0 into a capable switch port but the non-SmartRate port e1 into a 1G switch port and we really just want redundancy if e0 goes down.  My understanding and experience with configuring LACP is that the members' rates must match in order to form an LACP group.  I would think that we'd have to throttle e0's port to 1G in order for the group to form, but that's not what we want, ideally.  We want e0 at 2.5 Gbps SmartRate full time and don't care if we have e1's 1 Gbps unless the e0 link fails.   I don't have a SmartRate switch with which to test.     I know I saw a document regarding this at some point, but sure can't find it now!


FYI the switch will be Cisco "multi-gig", hopefully that doesn't matter, either.





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Re: AOS8 345 SmartRate with redudancy - LACP?

We have AP325/335s running with LACP and multi rate on Extreme with no issues. Didn't hit the "bump" of both ports having to be the same speed. Just make sure LACP is configured properly on the controller that has that AP-group and it should work. We also just migrated from 6.5 to run 8.3 AOS on dual 7210s.
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Re: AOS8 345 SmartRate with redudancy - LACP?

Thanks Ron, it would be interesting to see what speeds your switches report. 


I did have a chance to test the 345 (Campus) today running, and the results are as I suspected; can't run LACP *and* have SmartRate function.  So with e0 at 2.5G and e1 at 1G (max attainable in both cases), the Cisco switch log reports that LACP can't bundle the ports due to speed mismatch, which totally makes sense.  If we force e0 to 1G, they LACP bundle just fine.   


Now, when you mention configuring LACP at the controller, I presume the only thing to do is the striping config, which should not impact bundle negotiation, just how data is distributed once established.  It's my understanding that the LACP negotiation is done automatically at the AP end by listening for the LACP packets from the switch.


I'd love to have an automated failover function, if LACP with different rates is not possible, so any further input is welcomed!

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