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AOS8 AP Deployment IPv6 Only Network

I recently worked on a project focusing on how an AP discovers its controller in an IPv6 only network.

IPv6 address allocation, DHCPv6 Stateful & Stateless plus the AP discovery options lead to interesting design considerations.

I've summarized all this in the attached document.


Thanks to Ben van Zeggelaar and Kevin Marshall for their assistance.

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Re: AOS8 AP Deployment IPv6 Only Network

I'm currently designing a v6-only deployment.


Sniffing dhcpv6 solicits and requests, I did not find any way to identify an aruba ap by the dhcpv6-request to utilize client-classes in kea (similar to option 60 'vendor class identifier' in legacy-ip).


Is there anything I can use to classify it as an ArubaAP?

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