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AOS8 Odd clustering numbers


Have a cluster of 1 7240 and 2 7220

two ssid, eduroam and captive portal 


I notice one 7220 is hardly getting users.... then notice that all those users are specifically from the captive portal ssid which has signifigantly less users than our eduroam



Cluster Load Distribution for Clients
Type IPv4 Address Active Clients Standby Clients 
---- --------------- -------------- --------------- 
peer 1014 5954
self 6036 1015
peer 23 15
Total: Active Clients 7073 Standby Clients 6984

.78 is a 7220 ~ 28%  .178 is 7240 ~ 22%  .170 is the 7220 that looks odd ~ .15%


it appears things are working - I was initally thinking something was borked on .170 and users were not getting ip on eduroam vlan or some such...   I removed it from cluster  - moved a test AP and connected everythign looked ok.   Rebooted .170 for good measure and rejoined to cluster.... now i get I'm well below the rebalance thresholds of 50 and 75%.... but at .15 figure maybe some unbalance might kick in.... or at the very least... after more than a day - shouldn't it start to look like the other 7220... or at least a mix of users from each ssid.....


or does clustering perhaps think there's an issue with this controller and is actively limiting  connections to it?....   and my actions of removing it/ rebooting are exacerbating that?   Though why only have users from one ssid?


as far as i can tell things are working - I moved an AP to the odd controller - joined eduroam and my connection works - my user tunnel is on another cluster member.. but working


so looks odd - but is this odd/normal or odd/really weird and I should start a TAC case?





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