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AOS8 Standalone mode adjust transmit power

The customer has a 7205-RW controller running the AOS8 system in standalone mode and some AP-345,The AOS version is

I want to adjust the transmit power of the 2.4Ghz radio, but after setting the minimum and maximum transmit power in the arm profile, I apply the arm profile to the 2.4Ghz radio profile, but find the 2.4Ghz radio transmit power of these APs. Not running at the power I set in the arm profile.

Is there some configuration I missed?


Re: AOS8 Standalone mode adjust transmit power

You are seeing the minimum tx power taking into account the AP-345 is a 4x4 device. The gain provided by the additional spatial streams is also factored into the EIRP power setting, as well as the gain from the built-in antennas.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: AOS8 Standalone mode adjust transmit power

Do you mean that this situation of 2.4Ghz is normal?

I adjusted the 5Ghz eirp of these APs and found that these AP-345s can run according to the power I set at the arm profile.This does not seem to take the spatial stream into account the transmit power.

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