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AOS8 VMC licenses


I will do a controller replacement at a high profile customer next week I will replace multiple 620 and 3000 series controllers for a vMM/vMC cluster. 


I have 2 questions: 


I need some help understanding the new license structure for AOS8. In particular adding VMC licenses in a VMM.


I have a MM and 2 VMC running in my lab. I have added a EVAL license to my MM and I see both VMC enabled.

When I want to add the VMC EVAL license to the MM I get the error "Adding centralized license is disallowed on local controller. Please install on Master Controller."

When I add the same license to the MM I getr the error "Failed to decrypt key"
The eval license is created with the VMC passphrase.

When I create a EVAL vmc new license, with the MM passphrase I see the MC-VA license pool upgraded but the VMC only takes MM licenses, no VMC license.


Adding an AP doesn't seem to work. I can ping the AP from the MM, the AP is discuvering the MM but is not coming up.


Converting an IAP gives the error "Status not available"


I tested with AP-105, IAP-105 and IAP215.


I won't have access to the access points so I cannot default them. Access points are discovering the master by DNS. I will configure the same AP Groups on the new AOS8 cluster. Will changing the DNS record to the MM address and boot the AP work?








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Re: AOS8 VMC licenses

both questions resolved. I just found a thread explaining that you have to point aruba-master DNS to a MD, not the MM.



tests changing the DNS record to a MD moves the AP to the AOS8 cluster. 


rgds, Erik

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