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AOS8 cluster AP capacity

Hi all,


I have a question about clustering in AOS8, version


If I create a cluster of 2x 7210 MC's, will I have AP capacity of 1024 AP's or 512 AP's?

This is assuming I want full AP and client redundancy.


Will each controller support 512 active tunnels and 512 standby tunnels of just 256 active tunnels and 256 standby tunnels?


Adding a 7220 controller to this cluster, will this then increase my AP capacity by 1024 or 512 AP's?




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Re: AOS8 cluster AP capacity

Hey Micky,


For Homogeneous cluster, Use the formula "Cluster AP count = 50% cluster capacity"
7210 controller have a capacity of 512 APs, meaning that a cluster of 2 X 7210 has a combined capacity of 1024 APs.
In order to ensure that every AP has an AAC and S-AAC with adequate capacity for all APs to failover the recommended AP load of this cluster should be half of the total cluster capacity.
So Cluster AP size is 512 APs.


For Heterogeneous Cluster, Use the formula "Cluster AP size = Lowest value of (50% cluster capacity, Worst case scenario load) "
In you example: 2 X 7210 and 1 X 7220
50% of total capacity = (512 + 512 + 1024)/2 = 1024 APs.
Worst case scenario load = (512 + 512) = 1024 APs. [Note: Worst case scenario load is the AP load handled by the remaining nodes in the cluster in the event of highest capacity cluster member going down]
So Cluster AP size is 1024 APs


Example to demonstrate worst case scenario load:
A cluster comprised of 1 X 7210, 1 X 7220, and 1 X 7240
50% of total cluster capacity = (512 + 1024 + 2048)/2 = 3584/2 = 1792 APs
The worst case scenario load = (512 + 1024) = 1536 APs
So Cluster AP size = 1536 APs





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Re: AOS8 cluster AP capacity



Thanks for your reply.


This helps me out a lot in planning my design.




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Re: AOS8 cluster AP capacity

Welcome Micky
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