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AOS8 with new controller

We just purchased 2 new controllers to replace our existing ones.  We also purchased a MM to go along with it.  The new controllers came on version 5.x.  Do I need to use the migration tool to upgrade them to 8.x even though they don't have any configuration (except mgmt IP) yet?  Or can I just upload the 8.x code to them and reboot to the other partition?




Re: AOS8 with new controller

If there's no config to preserve, you would just upgrade them to 8 and re-run the startup wizard to point them at the MM. From there, outside of their IP address and info like that, the config comes from the MM. 


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Re: AOS8 with new controller

Providing that these are not Education bundle controllers you can upgrade them and re-apply the licenses.

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Re: AOS8 with new controller

AOS 8.x is new struction so if you upgrade the wizard is easily to configure.

One thing, if you planned to manage by MM you should select md mode in wizard.

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