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Re: AP 103 console port


It drops the price for the AP to just pin a header on the PCB instead of using the jack, considering console port use is a rather specialist scenario.  Seen it done on other vendor's low-end units as well.  Just be glad it's RS232 and not a JTAG.


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Re: AP 103 console port

now if I don't have this special cable how I would Reset the AP-103 ??


Re: AP 103 console port


On the underside, there is a reset button. To reset the AP:

  1. Power off the AP.
  2. Press and hold the reset button using a small, narrow object, such as a paperclip.
  3. Power-on the AP without releasing the reset button. The power LED will flash within 5 seconds.
  4. Release the reset button.
  5. The power LED will flash again within 15 seconds indicating that the reset is completed. The AP will now continue to boot with the factory default settings.

To locate the reset button, you can refer to the AP-103 Installation Guide.




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Re: AP 103 console port



in fact this is kind of standard. I've found some pics of someone who has that cable and opened it up for us. Those showed me that I was right.

The Serial Connector on the AP103 (and oviously on all others that use the same cable) is just a standard ttl serial connector.

The 70$ (!) Cable contains nothing more than a DB9 Connector + the required circuit for converting ttl to something a standard RS232 can handle.  This is just a MAX232 or compatible IC + 4 Capacitors, the DB9 Connector and the cable for the Pin Header on the AP.


The Pic of the Plugs and the Datasheet of the MAX232 enables you to find out the pinout:


Imagine the Plug on AP sid like this


black     1   -------------+  Vcc

black     2               ----|  TX

white     3               ----|  RX         this side connects to Pin Header on AP

 red        4  -------------+ GND


(without any warranty, so use on your own risk)


You will need to do what Aruba does if you want to connect that directly to a serial port since this requires different ttl levels.


You can also connect directly through some FDDI-to-usb because those can handle this directly.


I just don't understand why that Cable is so expensive with Aruba.

Sorry Aruba you have to admit that once you sold some of these cables someone will find this out!




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Re: AP 103 console port

$70 is list price. I'm sure if you work with your Aruba team you will pay much less than that (if anything at all).

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Re: AP 103 console port

We got our 25 AP-103s via a reseller and they said they hat to order that cable and pay EUR 80 for it...


However usually you don't need it at all since you manage via virtual controller or airwave. But we used it for diagnostics during the installation of our systems. We even used it to see why one AP 103 didn't come back after firmware upgrade...

For these purposes it may be useful :)


This is also why we would like to have the possibillity to access the serial interface...




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Re: AP 103 console port

I agree the price for the cable is high. The components are about $5, sure charge $15 or 20, no one would care, but $70 is a bit to much. If it's handling and logistics that cost, why not sell 2 or 3 in a pack for the same price? Todays pricing makes the cables rare and if one fails you are unlikely to have an extra to use right away. This is bad for both technicians and the customers.


Anyway, you might be interested in this post of mine.




Re: AP 103 console port

No disagreement with the comment that the list price for this cable/converted is high.

But, it's not an off-the-shelf item for us, and volume is relatively low.

If you're an Aruba customer or partner and need this cable, I'm sure the Aruba sales rep can cut you a deal (i.e. high discount) for this item.


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Re: AP 103 console port

I agree, the price is not really a big issue in practice with partner discounts, it's just annoying to pay so much for so little. The reason i had a go with the USB-TTL adapter was after reading the response from Aruba: "You cant make your own cable since its an active adapter". As a tech i gladly took the challange, and it was way easier than expected. :)

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