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AP-104 / with Dual band antenna



Can someone correct if I'm wrong:


On AP-104 data sheet it says that antenna support is "Four RP-SMA connectors for external single band antennas"


Antenna that I was going to use is 3x3 MIMO 2.4/5. So there's 6 connectors and you could use either of them with 2.4 or 5 Ghz.


Can I use this type of antenna?





Re: AP-104 / with Dual band antenna

What antenna model, if you are talking about an AP-ANT-16, 17, or 18.....then you would just connect two of the RP-SMA connectors.   If not those models....it is likely a similar configuration.   Check  out http://arubanetworks.com/pdf/products/AP-104-AP-105_CG.pdf for some details on antenna selections for the 104.

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Re: AP-104 / with Dual band antenna

Thank you for reply.


It's actually not Aruba's own antenna. I think that's okay, right?


I know I only have to connect two connectors but what I actually was thinking was that in aruba ap-104 datasheet it says about antennas:


AP-104 and IAP-104: Four RP-SMA connectors for external

single-band antennas


I don't know if this antenna is going to work because it's "dual-band antenna". All 6 connectors of the antenna can all be use either 2.4 or 5.0.


Does anyone know the answer?

Re: AP-104 / with Dual band antenna

If there are 6 connectors on your antenna, then 3 will be for 2.4 GHz and 3 will be for 5 GHz.  You just need to make sure you connect the correct ones to the correct side of the AP104.  I'm assuming that one side of the AP104 is for one band and the other side for the other band, though I've not actually seen one first hand.

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Re: AP-104 / with Dual band antenna

If I'll use AP-ANT-16, 17 or 18 why would I only connect two of the connectors? AP-104 has 4 RP-SMA connectors so I would have to use two antennas per 1 AP to implement MIMO. If I use one antenna and connect only two of the RP-SMA  I have no MIMO.


I think those antennas don't fit too good for AP-104 if I want to use single antenna. I would have to left one antenna place unuseful so I would only get MIMO benefit to either of the bands. Right?

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Re: AP-104 / with Dual band antenna

I am using the AP-ANT-17 on IAP-104's..  I understand I will need two of these antennas, 1 for each radio.  I also understand I only connect 2 of the 3 connectors from each antenna to each radio's 2 connectors.  


Does it matter which 2 of the 3 connectors on the antenna I connect??


Thank you-

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