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AP 105 Dropping SSID

I am in a school environment and we are installing 2 105 in each classrooms Aruba engineer helped design the layouts and heat maps and the coverage seems to be good.


Testing the network connections the day before under load with the students and everything work fine, but when it comes to quiz day the secure network that the Ipads are on goes away on about half the Ipads. This seems to happen in random classrooms. One week it is one classroom and the next it is across the hall. We even have it happening at our remote campuses.


The access points have 2 ssid on them, One secure for the ipads and testing and the other is open for student and guest iphone and android access. The ipads that lost connection can see the other ssid, but not the one they are supposed to be on. The Ipads  are supposedly on the latest version of the IOS and the Ipads that drop off are scattered through the room. The room has good coverage on the heat map and I used a fluke air check and signal is good through out the room. The room hold about 30 students with 2 AP 105s and there are a number of other APs surrounding the room.


Any ideas.


Students are upset and Execs are angry.



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Re: AP 105 Dropping SSID

What version of ArubaOS?


Also, check "show ap debug system-status ap-name <name>" where <name> is the name of one of the APs that seems to have issues.  See if there are bootstraps in the first section of the output.


Check "show ap arm history ap-name <name>" and look for channel changes that have occured while the problem happened.


If the AP is changing channel, the clients SHOULD reconnect gracefully, but you never know... :)

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Re: AP 105 Dropping SSID



We are moving to a new controller on the latest IOS, but haven't had the time to finish it up. Been spending too much time chasing Wireless issues with the Ipads.


We ran debug on two of the Ipads that were having trouble yesterday. I will take a look at the logs to see if I see anything.


I don't have arm turned on right now. Last time I did over half of my AP decided they were air monitors and I lost most of my coverage was a real mess. My local Aruba engineer has a fix for that once I get the new controller hooked up.



I just uploaded the the logs to Tech Support.


I need to get this fixed quick as I have angry students and instructors. It works fine all week, then on Friday when it is quiz time it goes to hell in a hand basket.




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Re: AP 105 Dropping SSID

I pulled up the TS and the AP has been up for 33 days so it shouldn't be bootstrapping.


Also it happens in random classrooms here and at our remote facility.


The ipads drop off the secure smobile ssid and it is not visible to about a dozen ipads, but the other  20+ users are on smobile.


The odd thing is they can see the unsecured guest SSID on the same access points.

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