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AP 105 Range & Clients



I am fairly new to wireless technology and have been dropped in the deep end a little bit!


I have been asked to install some wireless access points for an upcoming seminar hosted in one of our buildings. I have been told by the organisers that there could be up to 120 devices connecting to the wireless.


The room the guests will be based in is not massive (School classroom size) so my question relates to how many devices one AP 105 can simultaenously handle? And what is the range for an AP 105?


Also, if i require more than one AP, how should i go about configuring them so they do not conflict with eachother?


Thanks in advance for any advise you could give.

Re: AP 105 Range & Clients

Hello Sam

IF you dont own any arubanetworks technology and you are looking for an affordable technology go with Aruba Instant Access points


If you got budged then i would advice you to get a controller based technology with Aruba.


About how you can calculate how many APs you need in a room  depending in number of devices and BW for EACH device

Go here.... it will give you an idea of what do you need.


Take in mind that you dont want to have like for example 100 devices in one 105 for example(and is not for the BW its more for the cpu and ram of the ap)

i think max for 105 would be 100 devices(thats my opinion) this is not taking in mind the BW needed for each device.


Also if you can get the controller technology would be really nice... if you need to put more than 3 APS i would configure on the Controller to use 2.4 ghz band in 3 of them...

I tell you this because if you got for example 10 APS and you got them all in one room in 2.4ghz you just got 3 non overlapping channels and that would increase a lot the interference... unlike 5ghz that got 23 non overlapping channels..


When planning a WIFI you need to take in mind many things... because if you do it right then bealive me this wont bother you at all... but if you do it wrong then it will start bothering yuou and you will think the WIFI  is bad(When its not, i mean the design is just bad not the wifi)






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Re: AP 105 Range & Clients

You wouldn't need more than 3 APs for the 100 users, and could likely get away with two. One AP is going to be problematic with a 105. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP 105 Range & Clients

Thanks for the response Carlos.


We do have a controller so no issue there. I have configured APs and Virtual APs before but just not for demands such as this so thought I would check.


Based on your link I think 3 105 APs should be suitable.

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Re: AP 105 Range & Clients

Thanks Jerrod.


3 is what I am going to go with.

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