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AP 105-US Dell vs HP version

We originally purchased 14 AP 105-US through Dell and they work great. Just tried to add two more AP 105-US but these are from Aruba HP. The two new units will not register and broadcast although we can see them on our system and the blink green. Is there an issue with the software version between Dell and HP that anyone knows about or an Aruba OS issue?

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Re: AP 105-US Dell vs HP version



I have experienced something similar with Aruba and Alcatel Lucent APs. It was actually due to a vendor mismatch on the Operating System


If you can SSH to the Dell APs, run a show version and search for the Operating System manufacturer. 

Perform the same operation on the Aruba/HPE AP.


Run some debug commands such as show log debug, show log system, show log kernel and search for vendor mismatch.


If you are actually getting a vendor mismatch, you shouls install the Dell Firmware on the Aruba/HPE APs. That should fix (at least it did in my case)


EDIT: This is meant for IAPs. If you have a controller based network this would probably not apply



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Re: AP 105-US Dell vs HP version

Since the new APs are shown on your existing controller, what are the flags shown with those new APs?

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Re: AP 105-US Dell vs HP version

Flashing the HP device with the Dell: DellInstant_Orion_6.4.4.8-

did the trick.

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