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AP-105 Vertical or Horizontal?



I wondered if someone could help?


Are there any problems deploying AP-105s throughout a building to both the ceilings and the walls? I had read somewhere that ARM can be confused by this and you should stick to one or the other i.e. ceiling or wall but not both.


Is this correct?


Thanks if you can help




Re: AP-105 Vertical or Horizontal?

I doubt this will confuse ARM, but the built-in antennas are optimized for ceiling mount and coverage and range will not be ideal when they're wall mounted. To optimize for that deployment, you could consider AP-104 with simple direct mount omni antennas.

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Re: AP-105 Vertical or Horizontal?



Thanks for the reply.


Is it ok therefore to mix and match the AP-105 with AP-104s in the same deployment? i.e. AP-105 for ceilings and the AP-104 for walls?


If this is ok, can it be done as an Instant deployment i.e. without a controller? We have just started to deploy the instant solution, but we have only ever used it with AP-105s throughout a deployment, regardless of whether the APs are mounted to the ceilings or walls.


I hope that makes sense, I will also have a look at some of the guides to see if I can find an answer there.










Re: AP-105 Vertical or Horizontal?

There's no problem to mix (I)AP-105 and (I)AP-104 in the same deployment.

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Re: AP-105 Vertical or Horizontal?

We've used the 105's mounted on walls and haven't had any issues, with ARM or with coverage of those units (we wanted coverage to go away from the wall and not necessarliy through it as much)

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Re: AP-105 Vertical or Horizontal?

Late to the topic, but we have ~500 105's mounted both wall and ceiling and have no issues. If you look at the H-plane and E-plane diagrams there's more signal to the 'face' of the AP but if you're doing a standard deployment then you're not going to have issues. They're far better than the AP-65s in the same locations.

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