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AP 105 bridge mode vs tunnel mode

Hello, so I have 1 AP group with a SSID in bridge mode assigned to it and a SSID operating in tunnel mode assigned to it.  Any idea why the bridge mode SSID doesn't show up in monitoring at all?  Is it not possible to have 2 SSIDs operating in different modes running in the same AP group?




Re: AP 105 bridge mode vs tunnel mode

Edited:   I see from your other post that you have CPSec enabled.......


This configuration is possible.      Is the SSID broadcasting on the AP?    Do you have CPSec enabled?   Bridge mode virtual APs require it.





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Re: AP 105 bridge mode vs tunnel mode

When all I have assigned to that AP group is the SSID in bridge mode, everything broadcasts just fine, but when I add a VAP profile to that AP group operating in tunnel mode, it seems to override the bridge mode SSID and doesn't show up in monitoring, but it does seem to broadcast, weird.  CPsecurity is enabled for the bridge mode VAP too.

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