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AP 105 coverage question


I'm setting up the coverage of 2 floors of my company using AP 105. The layout of each floor consists of a central corridor and offices on both sides. The offices are made of metallic chassis so that they act like several faraday cages. Above the doors there are two closed windows of glass where the signal can propagate better. The lengths are:

- corridor: length: 16.8 meters width: 1.80 meters

- office type A: length 3 meters width 4.8 meters

- office tyep B: length 6.6 meters width 4.8 meters

for a total of 10 offices, 5 on each side. The height of each floor is 3.40 meters

Where should I install the AP in your opinion? Should I use different channels in 2.4 GHz band to avoid co-channel interference?

Thanks a lot

Re: AP 105 coverage question

Putting up pictures of your floor plans will be the best way to get ideas on the best AP placement, it's hard to know the subtle nuances from a text description, even though it's very familiar to you. 


As far as channels, etc, the APs will chose that automatically, and if there is a reason to set something statically, you can cross that bridge when/if needed.

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Re: AP 105 coverage question

Does the office already exist? Already have ethernet jacks scattered around?


If so, I'd suggest the empirical, "seeing is believing" mode of design. I'd get 4 tall tripods. I've used these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000PHL8MC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Then mount the 105 on a horizontal bar, put the tripod to ceiling height, run a length of Cat5 cable to a PoE injector and a network jack. I call these "WIFI scarecrows".  If you're using instant, that will be about all you need. Now with your APs operating, see the actual user experience. Move them around and see how things change.


As you maybe can tell, I'm not a huge fan of heat map modeling. If you have no choice (e.g. the space isn't built or no LAN) then it's the best you can do. But if at all possible, doing it the scarecrow way gives you direct knowledge, rather than "this should work" belief.

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