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AP 105 not associating with local controller.

Hello Everyone,


I've been getting some emails coming in about users struggling to connect to wireless in the dorms and on the surface I thought everything was fine and the problems were on the user end but the more I researched i discovered something rather troubling. We're running three 7210 controllers on code. One master, which is where our academic APs are tunneled. One local is set to be where the dorm APs tunnel to, and the other local is set to be a standby in a failover situation. The APs IP address is responding to ping and the master says it's up but the local controller where it's supposed to be tunneled to doesn't show it in the list of APs on the controller. I tried rebooting and reprovisioning an AP to a different tunnel to try and get it to come up on the master controller but that isn't working either. Has anyone seen this before? Is it an HA issue? Any reply would be appreciated.



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Re: AP 105 not associating with local controller.

Is that the only access point that is having trouble?  What discovery method is the AP-105 using to reach the controller?

Can you connect a console cable to the access point and see what could be wrong?

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Re: AP 105 not associating with local controller.

Some of the other APs in the building are also having the same problem but it seems to be completely random. They are using ADP. I can set up a meeting with the student in the room but it might take a while with class schedules and such.

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