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AP-105 setup for Site Survey Reboots every 8-10 minutes

Good afternoon All,


I am trying to setup an AP-105 to use for a site survey.  I followed the directions in the Site Survey with Standalone AP Cookbook but when I disconnect theAP from the controller it will run for about 8-10 minutes and then it will reboot.  I went through and doublechecked myself but I don't know what might be causeing this.


Any idea?



Re: AP-105 setup for Site Survey Reboots every 8-10 minutes

Do you have Instant APs??

IF you do i can give you a manual for Site survy with that... i do site survy with Instant APS... got one 93 and one 105 just for site survies... but you need to configure them for it.


If not  well i don tknow what manual you are referring but you basically need to put that AP as a remote AP, and put the broadcast SSID always so it can work even if you discnnect it from the controller...



It was this manual?

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Re: AP-105 setup for Site Survey Reboots every 8-10 minutes

That's the manual that I was using.  I don't have any instant aps and was trying to keep from having to order any since I had the regular 105s handy.  When I got to the end of the manual the radios on the AP stay on and broadcasting, but approximately every 8 minutes it reboots.

Re: AP-105 setup for Site Survey Reboots every 8-10 minutes


As said before -  only instant AP can't work without a Aruba controller (iAP105 not AP105)


other method... config your AP as RAP in front of a controller | and build an SSID that will stay "on air" (BACKUP/persist  - ALWAYS ON) and then u will be able to keep your AP signal up and do a site survey.

*But remmamber - Thr ap unit(even as RAP)  will still need a connectivity to a controller  (even not in the same lan) in first boot of the ap...and it will not work without a eth connected to a lan port (the watchdog will reboot the apunit)


*consider to buy instant version of iAP105 (also need cable connected or it will search for mesh connectivity to another virtual controller on the same segment) or RAP-3WN with 3g stick*





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Re: AP-105 setup for Site Survey Reboots every 8-10 minutes

If you are configuring it as a RAP as per kisc98's suggestion you will need to ensure that in the AP System Profile the IPSec retries is set to 0. This disables the IPSec count stopping the rebooting of the AP when it is unable to establish a connection to the controller. 

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