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AP-108 uplink capability?

I'm building a residential wireless mesh network to serve underserved areas in Upstate, NY using the AP-175 as outdoor infrastructure AP's each with a fiber backhaul.  I would like to place the AP-108's in the subscribers home and uplink wirelessly to the nearest AP-175.  The AP-108 will have antennas installed outdoors.  The goal isn't wireless in the home, it's to convert a physical ethernet for service delivery. Can the AP-108 uplink wirelessly to the AP-175?  

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Re: AP-108 uplink capability?

If I understand it well you don't want the RAP-108 to be part of the mesh network rather use it as a standalone AP with Wi-Fi uplink, right?

If so you can do this if you use the RAP-108 as an Instant AP (the latest firmware support it - search for "Wi-Fi Uplink" in the Instant User Guide) and you can also use Ethernet bridging.

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Re: AP-108 uplink capability?

Hi jwemette,


Can you provide any advice on how you terminated the fibre, connected, and housed the AP-175?


I'll be doing a similar deployment shortly and our structured cable vendor strongly recomends fibre for best practice outdoor deployments.


I just found this guide that looks to be on the right track but would like to hear from someone who has done it!

Solution Guide: Deploying Omnitron PoE Media Converters with Aruba Access Points and AirMesh Routers »


Thanks and regards,


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