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AP-109 Setup

I have a test controller running and was hoping to test an AP-109 as a remote AP.  Is the setup similar to older RAPs or is this something new.  I have already setup the outside address of the controller and poked a hole in the firewall from the IP address range that the AP will be connecting to off site.  I have also converted the AP from an instant to a remote AP and added the outside address of the controller.  Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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Re: AP-109 Setup

What is the problem?

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Re: AP-109 Setup

not sure either what is the problem you having but

1-You need to open port 4500 udp and 69udp(if you upgrading firmware) on firewall

2-You need to add that AP to the rap whitelist

3-you need to add a pool of address on the vpn services


Here is a document in which it will tell you how to set it up...

You ignore on configuring the rap as you just need to convert it from instant to rap in that case, or you can do it automatically with aruba activate


If this is not what you are asking for please explain what part doesnt work or where you are confused.

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