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Re: AP 120

I've opened a case but as you can see the rf band is g with a source of "default" but the a band is active


Configuration for AP name "somew.1.1.11" AP group "SomersbyScanners"
Parameter                                                       802.11g                         802.11a                       Source
---------                                                       -------                         -------                       ------
LMS IP                                                          N/A                             N/A                           ap system-profile "default"
LMS IPv6                                                        N/A                             N/A                           ap system-profile "default"
Backup LMS IP                                                   N/A                             N/A                           ap system-profile "default"
Backup LMS IPv6                                                 N/A                             N/A                           ap system-profile "default"
LMS Preemption                                                  Disabled                        Disabled                      ap system-profile "default"
LMS Hold-down Period                                            600 sec                         600 sec                       ap system-profile "default"
Number of IPSEC retries                                         360                             360                           ap system-profile "default"
LED operating mode (11n APs only)                               normal                          normal                        ap system-profile "default"
RF Band                                                         g                               g                             ap system-profile "default"
Double Encrypt                                                  Disabled                        Disabled                      ap system-profile "default"
Root AP                                                         Disabled                        Disabled                      ap system-profile "default"


(P7FUJI01) # show ap active ap-name somew.1.1.11                                                                                                           
Active AP Table
Name          Group             IP Address    11g Clients  11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP  11a Clients  11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP  AP Type  Flags  Uptime           Outer IP
----          -----             ----------    -----------  -------------------  -----------  -------------------  -------  -----  ------           --------
SOMEW.1.1.11  SomersbyScanners  0                                 0            AP:HT:60+/21/22      120      EB     68d:16h:53m:42s  N/A


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