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AP-125 vs AP-125ABG

We recently added some AP's to our network, and we had to purchase AP-125 as opposed to the AP-125ABG that we had already.  With some of our wireless tablet devices, I've noticed that they will not stay authenticated if associating to one of the AP-125.  Interestingly, it appears to be the tablet that is initiating the deauthentication.  Is this normal/expected?  I wouldn't think so, but I can't find anything that indicates a problem state on the controller/AP side.  Aside from rearranging my exising AP's to limit exposure to any AP-125 in the tablet usage areas, is there anything I can look at to possibly correct this?


Re: AP-125 vs AP-125ABG

You should open a TAC case given what you describe.      An interesting scenario for sure.

The AP-125 should support tablets just fine.    


I have several thousand of them in my area supporting all standard makes models, operating system variants of tablets.   


If you have a packet capture of the disconnection messages that would be helpful to enable TAC to rapidly diagnose what is occuring.

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Re: AP-125 vs AP-125ABG



The AP-125 and AP-125ABG shares identical hardware.  AP-125ABG is software upgradable to 802.11n, then it becomes identical to the AP-125.  Were you using the AP-125ABG as 11b/g or 11a AP's or have you installed the license to make them 802.11n capable?



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