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AP-135 - 2 ethernet ports

Forgive me if this is a stupid question


Just received a couple of AP-135 to play with, and wasn't aware that they had 2 ethernet ports.  What is the purpose of the 2nd port? 


I've done a search and see people using these as RAP and the 2nd port for a wired device.  I've seen the posts regarding PoE requirements.


We contract out all of our cabling and installation, so just wondering if strictly using these as APs, do I need to have 2 drops installed?


I currently have one hooked up to our test 620 controller - PoE port to enet0.  Looks like it just comes up and goes right back down.  I haven't tried to console in or do any troubleshooting


I'll be out of the office for the next week, so it'll be a while before I can actually play with them, but just curious if I'm going to need to do anything special to use these?  We currently only deploy AP-93 and AP-105 devices, so the 2nd port has me curious.


Re: AP-135 - 2 ethernet ports

For regular campus AP deployment, there's no need for 2 drops; just use ENET0. The second port can be used for local traffic as you describe, a redundant connection back to the controller, or even to daisy chain (data only, no POE power) a second AP. None of these use cases is typical.

Not sure why you're seing an issue when connecting to your controller, but it's not related to the fact that the AP-135 has two network ports.



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