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AP-135 Configuration without controller?

Hey all,


My boss purchaesed a bunch of the Aruba Networks AP-135 access points but did not purchase a controller.  He said he was told by his sales agent that we did not need a controller in our environment and that these device could be configured to work with our existing RADIUS server.  I am not getting anywhere trying to work with these things other than successfully conencting via console.  They get an ip address which I can confrim from my DHCP server, but I am not able to access any web interface at all.


Do I absolutely need a controller?  Any helpful information would be useful as I have never used, seen, or configured these before.  Thanks in advance.



Re: AP-135 Configuration without controller?


A. only InstantAP have a virtual controller abilites and can work as a virutal controller

B.check if you have AP-135 or iAP-135 look in the back of the ap - on the white sticker < the "I" in the begning is importent,if u have ap-135 ,it can only be configured and work in front of a Aruba Controller.

if you have iap-135 so u can configure the first virtual controller via the "instant" ssid on the air.





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Re: AP-135 Configuration without controller?

The boxes the APs are packed in should also have identifying labeling indicating clearly if they are "Instant" APs or just regular Access Points.


Instant APs will also have a small insert explaining how to set them up and connect to the virtual controller.

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