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AP 135 LED state

Hi there.

We are used to deploy AP135 but for the first time today we got 2 amber LED for 5 and 2.4 ghz

I am a but confused regarding the explenation on the user manual

Could someone give me a little hint on

Amber 5 GHz radio enabled in WLAN mode
5 GHz radio enabled in 11n mode
I can understand the 11 n mode but what about the WLAN mode.. it is not so clear to me.

Re: AP 135 LED state

Are these APs tied to a Controller ?

If yes make sure that you have a Virtual-AP Assigned under the AP-Group .

Under the SSID Profile > HT profile verify that HT is enabled

Do you have AP licenses on the controller installed ?

Under Configuration > AP Installation see if the AP shows up with any flags

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: AP 135 LED state


YEs they are tied to a controller.

There is indeed few VAP under the AP group

HT is disabled because we want it that way

and regarding the licensing it is all good (still 100 ish available)

Thank you

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Re: AP 135 LED state

It is not clearly worded.  WLAN mode just means that it is not configured as an Air Monitor or Spectrum Monitor.  It is servicing clients.  If it is Amber that means one or more SSIDs have HT disabled.

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Re: AP 135 LED state

Ok , it makes sense then.


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