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AP-135 vs AP-125 vs AP105

How does the footprint of the AP-135 compare to the other APs?  We are thinking of installing AP-135s instead of AP-105s. I already designed a network for the AP-105s but want to compare the footprints to make sure I don't have to go back and change my design. I'm assuming they are pretty close between the AP-135 and AP-125.


Re: AP-135 vs AP-125 vs AP105

I'm assuming that by "footprint" you mean RF coverage area? These are indeed quite similar between AP-105 and AP-135.

The coverage pattern of an AP-125 is somewhat different due to the different antenna style, but typical range in an office environment is again similar.

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Re: AP-135 vs AP-125 vs AP105

Thanks. Your right about the footprint.

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Re: AP-135 vs AP-125 vs AP105

One other difference is that te AP135 has 3x3 stream vs. the 105 which has 2x2. This would be beneficial for devices on N that supports 3x3 stream.
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