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AP-135 vs AP-225



Does the AP-135 better option than AP-225 when comparing only the 2.4Ghz band?  Does ap-135 provide more throughput than the AP-225 when using poe af? I was reading that the AP-225 will only have 1 radio and 1 SS compraed to the AP-135 3x3:3SS. 


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Re: AP-135 vs AP-225


When you power up AP-225 from 802.3af there is no sufficient power to run all three streams for 'n' radio. In my opinion, at 2.4GHz there would be no significant difference between APs. The real performance in 2.4G band would be similar at any AP. BTW, there is very limited number of 3x3:3 adapters (2.4 and dual band) on the market ;)

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Re: AP-135 vs AP-225

I think we lose data rates as we have less spatial streams, however from what i gathered not enough to see an impact on performance in your network. 



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Re: AP-135 vs AP-225

From my inderstanding that the AP225 on the 2.4GHz can go up to 600mbps but that is subjected to the adapter in use. If you are using Broadcom that is when you can achieve that.Which bring to this extra setting that will suit only AP225 under G radio - TurboQAM rates enable


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Re: AP-135 vs AP-225

Marqs is right on the 2.4ghz side.  On the 5ghz band, clients that can leverage 802.11AC extensions do not need to run 3 spatial streams to benefit performance-wise on the AP225:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Unified-Wired-Wireless-Access/TUTORIAL-ArubaOS-6-3-and-Above-802-11ac-Enable-VHT-even-if-you/m-p/142739/highlight/true#M30416


In the end, the future of wireless is not in 2.4ghz, though.

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Re: AP-135 vs AP-225

the AP-225 is the best 11n radio that Aruba has ever produced. better rate vs range and higher user densities. 803.3at power is recommended to maximize the user experience
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Re: AP-135 vs AP-225

We were able to validate this. In a large number of our dorms, we're able
to decrease our AP count with the 225s.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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