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AP 155 4G Modem

Hello I'm trying to use a 155 as a RAP and have the USB use a modem.  The Modem I'm tring to use is a Verizon MiFi 6620L but I am having problems getting it to connect correclty.  If the 6620L will not work will the Verizon MiFi 620L work.  Thanks!


Re: AP 155 4G Modem

The Novatel U620L for Verizon is defined as a supported modem on RAP-155(P) with the following minimum SW versions:

- AOS:,,,,,,

- Instant:


No mention of the 6620L

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Re: AP 155 4G Modem

Thanks Onno,

We finally Got everything in and our WIB (Wifi in a Box) works great!  Side note to everyone else.  The a brand new U620L needs to be intiated on a computer first.  It has a setting to set before the U620L will connect to the internet.

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Re: AP 155 4G Modem

It is a good modem which is supported by my system. It makes my internet speed increase. I can browse everything fast on my Smartphone. Uploading and downloading speed have become very high. Try this Linksys customer service for better Internet speed

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