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AP-175 - Bridging VLANS via Downlink

Hi Team,


We are in the process of provisioning a customer mesh and also want to bridged wired vlans to remote buildings. Looking at the 6.3 user guide we have:


Configuring Ethernet Ports for Mesh


If you are using mesh to join multiple Ethernet LANs, configure and enable bridging on the mesh point Ethernet port


This section describes how to configure Ethernet ports for bridging or secure jack operation using the wired AP

profile. The wired AP profile controls the configuration of the Ethernet port(s) on your AP.


Mesh nodes only support bridge mode and tunnel mode on their wired ports (enet0 or enet1). Split tunnel mode is not

supported. Use bridge mode to configure bridging on the mesh point Ethernet port. Use tunnel mode to configure secure

jack operation on the mesh node Ethernet port.


When configuring the Ethernet ports on the AP-70, AP-130 Series or AP-120 Series, note the following requirements

for the AP configures as a mesh portal:


Connect enet0 to the controller to obtain an IP address. The wired AP profile controls enet1.


Only enet1 supports secure jack operation.


My question is, and I have looked in a lot of posts. Is the same supported on the AP-175 as it has only one Ethernet port which is to be used for PoE. Can this port also act as a trunk port and carry tagged vlans on a downlink to a switch which is also providing the PoE? We are using controller based config, not IAP.


Has anyone had succes with this? I have been able to get it working with AP-125's as they have dual jacks.



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Re: AP-175 - Bridging VLANS via Downlink

Yes, It does work.  Your building VLAN would plug into the "data" port of the power injector.  Please note that whatever traffic is on your wired VLAN will compete with your wireless backhaul and/or any wireless clients that are connected to the access points, so plan accordingly.


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Re: AP-175 - Bridging VLANS via Downlink

Thanks for the info. I'll post up once we have successfully implemented our design. Should have mentioned that PoE will come from HP Procurve 5406. We intend to tag vlans at the meshpoint PoE port (PoE+) as a trunk. We can then extend wired and wireless vlans.

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