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AP-175 Console Issue

I have an AP-175 that I am trying to configure.  When I break the autoboot in console mode, I am not able to try any command.  Occassionally I am allowed to type something but it says, "unknown command".  I am using Putty set to 9600, 8,1,N


Is there any other way besides the console to purge the environment since I cannot see it in the Master Controller?


Thank you in advance for you assistance.


Re: AP-175 Console Issue

Well if you type "?" you will get a list of commands.


The proper commands to reset the unit's environmental parameters stored in NVRAM are:


- clear os

- purgeenv

- saveenv

- reboot



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Re: AP-175 Console Issue

Hi clukas,

Would you advice what "clear os" command would actually do.. ?

erase the os alone on the AP or erase the entire flash, along with the environment variables, thus loosing the apname etc..

Re: AP-175 Console Issue

The "purgeenv" command clears all environment variables including IP address, master IP address, netmask, provisioned radio settings like antenna gain, and so on.


The "clear os" command does not delete the AP image but forces the controller to reload the image on the AP.


The "saveenv" command commits the cleared environmental variables to NVRAM.

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Re: AP-175 Console Issue

I am Having the same isssue.  i have 2 ap-175 and when i get to the apboot: it just freezes

Re: AP-175 Console Issue

Make sure you have the latest serial drivers for the integrated USB console driver, and are using the correct settings (9600, 8n1, no flow or X).

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