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AP-175 Outdoor Installations

Here are a few pictures of the outdoor installations we have done. The projects range from covering a large auto auction (1 million + square feet of parking lots), wastewater treatment plant (smelliest install we have ever done), and a private clubhouse/marina on the east coast.



Michael McNamee
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Re: AP-175 Outdoor Installations

Those are some sweet looking installs, nice work.  


What is up with the second picture, why is the AP so far offset from the wall?

Marcus Wehmeyer
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Re: AP-175 Outdoor Installations

Dear all,


currently I'm looking for a solution which are mostly about positioning (I think). We are now in PoC, but the deadline is imminent.


Attached the site (real) and site plan (a map).


Actually we are not planning to put the AP-175 on that tower because its diameter too big and causing so much reflection and multipath. The AP client is Motorola handheld scanner and it only supports b (54 Mbps) Wi-Fi standard.


We are now making an effort to build a new and smaller pole on top of the yellow-black portal that surrounds the big lamp tower.


But, as the site is too big (I think), I do not know exactly how many AP are needed and the best position to cover all the site.


FYI, this site is a car terminal, and all that area will be filled with many (much) cars, 48 lane in length, and of course there will be heavy weight cars such as tractors or other tall Komatsu rides.


Thank you. Your generous help will be very much appreciated ^^

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