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AP-175AC - powering

Hello Everyone, 


I have a question regarding powering the AP-175AC. 


I was delivered AP and outdoor connector kit (CKIT-AC-M), but there is no information how to connect the power cables.


The plug has B, D, E connectors and I don't know witch cable should be attached to witch connector. (0, 230V, N).


I should be grateful if you would let me know 


best regards, 





Re: AP-175AC - powering

Hi Pawel,


I believe these documents will answer your question.


Chuck Lukaszewski

Senior Director, Outdoor Solution Engineering

Aruba Networks, Inc.


New Contributor

Re: AP-175AC - powering

Thank you for fast and precise answer. 


That is exactly what I was looking for.


I hoped to find these document together with my shipment, but they were missing.



Pawel Woźniak


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