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AP-175DC PoE Out

Let me start off by asking that you pardon my ignorance regarding power.  The architecture surrounding the issue that I am facing is as follows...


We are placing an AP-175DC out on an island in the middle of a river for our Environmental faculty to stream live video via IP camera that will monitor the ecosystem.  This camera is PoE capable, but the AP-175DC will have to take a 12-volt power supply. My question is, can a 12-volt power supply to an AP-175 support PoE?  During my testing, it didn't; however, when I looked at the LEDs on the AP-175, they all appeared to be blinking Amber with the exception of the power LED.  When I connected the camera to it's power cable, it worked just fine and all of the LEDs on the AP were still blinking amber.  


Thoughts?  And thanks for your time!

Re: AP-175DC PoE Out

The AP doesn't come up at all though when powered by DC or it comes up fine but the LED's are goofy? We're positive the AP is getting enough power (at least 18W @ 12VDC for just the AP)?

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Re: AP-175DC PoE Out

I checked with the Aruba product manager for outdoor APs.  His answer is:


  • The 175DC will support PoE out when the input power is 12V.
  • The radio draws about 12W. so on 12 V that is 1A
  • The PoE is 15W out of the connection and 2 W conversion loss.. So that is about 1.5A
  • Full system with full PoE shouls be about 2.5 Amps
  • My question is whether the 12 V supply is supplying enough current  to the unit.

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Re: AP-175DC PoE Out

Thanks for the info.  I'll have to double check to see how much current the power supply is putting out.

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Re: AP-175DC PoE Out

The AP comes up and it works just fine, just the LEDs are goofy.  As far as if the AP is getting enough power to support the PoE, I'll have to power it up today and test it.  I'll let you know.  Thanks!

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