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AP-204 in booting loop

This is the first time setting up an Aruba network.  I have a 7005 controller and an AP-204.  The AP-204 is continually booting (power LED flashing).  When I try to setup the the AP-204 using the AP wizard on the controller GUI.  I received an error that the AP was not powered.  Using the console port, I viewed that the information was constantly repeating.  Can some one share some insight?

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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

Post the console info, please.

Is the access point on the same subnet as the controller?
What version of ArubaOS are you running?

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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

I have attached the console information.  It appears to be repeating itself, so I only included on loop worth of data.  The controller and AP are on the same subnet.  The ArubaOS version is


Re: AP-204 in booting loop


It looks like the AP can't get an IP address from DHCP.


Getting an IP address...
[    8.506000] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): bond0: link is not ready
[   10.510000] bond0: link up (1000FD)
[   10.514000] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): bond0: link becomes ready
DHCP timed out.
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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

How do I resolve this?


Re: AP-204 in booting loop

So is the AP directly connected to the 7005 using a PoE injector or connected to an intermediate switch? We need to see how the ports are configured and verify that you have a DHCP scope setup for that port/VLAN.



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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

In case you have challenges in setting up DHCP or want to set static IP address for AP during AP bootup you can use the below procedure (press enter when it counts 3,2,1 during boot up):



setenv ipaddr

This Comand will set the static ip address to AP

setenv netmask

This command will set the subnet mask to the AP

setenv gatewayip

This command will set the ip default gateway to the AP

setenv master

This command will tell the ip which is the master controller




This command is to save this setting across AP boot




This command is to see what has been set.




This command is to continue booting the AP


In this case AP will not timeout for non-availability of IP address with DHCP. (Static IP take precedence over DHCP)




(Above answer is based on my knowledge and NOT an official statement from Aruba)
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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

The AP is connected to the 7005 using a PoE injector.  What specific controller setting to you need to see?

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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

I had an Aruba applicatiopn engineer go in remotely and review the controller setup.  He also checked the settnigs for the access point.  We can see the access point, but could not provision it.  The engineer told me to update the ArubaOS from to  I am in the process of doing this.

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Re: AP-204 in booting loop

did that solve the issue for you?

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