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AP 205 continious rebooting


We hv setup of 7210 controller, AP 205 with power injectior. AOS

controller is located central location. AP 205 connected one of our office branch.

I am able to get AP entry in network summary but before provisioning AP reboot.

i am able to get icmp reachability in between AP & controller.


We hv another one controller &  AP 105 on the same setup & that is working fine. but AOS is 6.3 . So i don't this is communication issue.


Kindly suggest the solution.



Please find below the AP error flag



Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

Have you consoled into the AP during the boot process to see if there are any messages?    Also during the bootup/reboot timeframe, can you share the output of show log system 50.

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Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

Hi Clembo,

Thanks for reply.



i will share you the show log system 50 tomorrow.

kindly suggest if any other log u require..



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Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

My Aruba 205 stunt at booting up to flashing Orange at Ethernet

Also stop at Radio via putty
what cause that ?

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Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

Putty output please...

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Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

this is the output 
it's stop here at Radio like this 

Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

For Toffaha, if it's stopping there, and you know you have a good power injector/POE setup that works on another AP but not this one, then you need to open a TAC case and likely RMA the AP. If that AP that is stopping in the 'Radio' part of the AP Bios, but DOES work on another switch or another POE injector, you will have to debug that side of the equation.

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Re: AP 205 continious rebooting

it's is the same thing with POE that another one worked well with it !
can you help me in TAC case ?
Thanks in advance 

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