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AP 205 network indicator

i just wonder whether i can completely hide power status and Network Status on AP 205, this ap is controller Base, Actually i wanted to hide Light indicator on Some AP which is inside the Hotel Guest Room.





Tej Bahadur

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Re: AP 205 network indicator


Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: AP 205 network indicator


i went through that link however still i have adoubt , by executing this syntax will turn on led light

Master(config)  ap-leds all local blink


if i executive this syntax it will turn off Led ?

Master(config) no ap-leds all local blink


i still did not executive this syntax because of unsure, so could you please help me to fix my case 

iwant to off AP-Led Light due to AP are installed inside of Guest room. 

i will be awaiting for best solution.






Tej Bahadur. 

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Re: AP 205 network indicator

hi everyone 


i was expecting my issue to track down that i have post case above,

still i was awaiting best solution 




Tej Bahadur


Re: AP 205 network indicator

The ap-led command will NOT let you disable the APs LEDs. It will merely let you switch between blinking all 4 LEDs at once and their normal state.

What that normal state is you can define in the 'AP system profile'. Here you will find an option 'LED operating mode'. Change this from 'normal' to 'off' and all AP's for which that ap system profile is active will disable their LEDs.


If you do not want to do this for all APs you will need to change the ap system profile for those APs by either applying an AP specific configuration or by creating a completely new AP-group with the new ap system profile applied to it.


Some usefull commands:

See what AP groups your APs are in: 

(wlc) #show ap database


To see what ap system profile is active for that group (change default into whatever your group is):

(wlc) #show ap-group default


To make a clone of that profile with all the settings identical: 

(wlc) #configure terminal
(wlc) (config) #ap system-profile leds_off clone default


To disable the leds for APs that will get the new ap system profile later:

(wlc) (config) #ap system-profile leds_off
(wlc) (AP system profile "leds_off") #led-mode off 


To clone the original AP-group with all settings identical:

(wlc) (config) #ap-group leds_off clone default


To apply the new leds_off ap system profile to the new leds_off ap-group:

(wlc) (config) #ap-group leds_off
(wlc) (AP group "leds_off") #ap-system-profile leds_off


And then finaly to move your APs 1 by 1 to the new AP group with all settings identical to the first group (other than the LEDS will be off):

(wlc) #ap-regroup ap-name ap-to-be-changed leds_off


This last command will make that AP reboot and come back up with the new settings.

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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