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AP-205H Ethernet ports function

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What is the function or role of the different Ethernet ports in AP-205H? I am clear that E1-E3 ports are the downlinks, and E0 is the uplink, but which E0 specifically? There is a E0 at the back, a E0/PT at the bottom and a PT port at the back. What is the relation between all of them? The AP-205H Installation Guide says:


Additionally, the IAP-205H access point has a Pass-Through (PT) port at the back (Figure 2) and an E0/PT port at the bottom (Figure 3). The E0/PT port acts primarily as a Pass-Through (PT) port. Alternatively, the E0/PT port can serve as an E0 uplink port and accepts 802.3af/802.3at PoE power when the E0 and PT ports at the back of the AP are physically bridged by an Ethernet cable.


PT is a Pass-Through port, but E0/PT is also a Pass-Through port. But what does exactly mean a Pass-Through port? I don't understand that explanation. Can you put an example? I am powering my AP-205H with a DC power source (no PoE), what port do I have to use for the uplink? E0 at the back? Or E0/PT at the bottom? Or either?


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Re: AP-205H Ethernet ports function

Answered here. PT on the back is with just wires connected to the E0/PT on the bottom of the AP and allows you to connect the uplink on either the back or the bottom. When mounted to the wall, you could even use the Pass-through to patch another UTP or even analog phone cable from the wall to the bottom of the AP.

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Re: AP-205H Ethernet ports function


Great explanation Herman. Much more clear! Thanks!

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