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AP 207 conection problems

I have installed 5 207 AP in a clients office, they are in mode Instant. Everything seemed to be ok but a few days ago a problem started, clients with only 2.4GHz antennas can't connect to the wireless network, sometimes they see the SSID's with a super low power and most of the times they don't see the SSID's (I have to say that the notebooks are less than a meter from the AP).

When they see it and they try to connect, they can't.

Firstly I supposed it was a physical problem with the notebooks, but after I checked them, they can see and connect to other SSID's except the ones that are propagated by the Aruba AP's.


There are some ASUS and some HP notebooks with this problem, all of them has only 2.4GHz wireless cards.


I brought the notebooks to my office, where I have Aruba AP's too, and they connect here without any problem, my IAP and their IAP is exactly the same, the only difference is that I have 205 AP's and they have 207.


I have checked and I have 2.4GHz, I have updated all the computer's wireless drivers and nothing, does anyone know what is this problem and how to solve it?


I'm attaching some pictures of my configuration.


The wireless network cards are realtek rtl8723be and realtek rtl8723ae

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Re: AP 207 conection problems

Your configuration looks fine, but you have too many SSIDs.  More SSIDs cause performance issues.  I would try to delete the two SSIDs that have no clients and see if things improve.  3 or fewer SSIDs is probably best.


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Re: AP 207 conection problems

Thanks cjoseph, I already deleted the 2 SSID's with no clients to see if this solves the problem, I will call the client to see if they can connect know and I'll update you.



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