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AP-215 basestations rebooted after power issue now showing flag 2ID

Is there a list of things that cause flag 2ID to show? I have seen people post issues in the past but there does not seem to be a regular clear cause?


I have an installation of about 900 basestations, mostly AP-215s. This morning some restarted due to a power issue. That's not normally a problem but 25 or so went offline and are now showing flag 2ID on the master controller. 


We have two controllers the master being a 7200 running The controllers and the basestations are all on the same VLAN with no firewalls or anything like that blocking communication between them. 


Selecting the basestations that are problematic and reprovisioning them does nothing. After factory resetting one that came up as unprovisioned but after provisioning came back as 2ID.


I don't think anything has changed on the whole setup for months; I try to avoid fidding with a system that works. All that's happened is the reboot due to power. 


I could imagine maybe one or two basestations might have a problem restarting and might spring back into life after a further power cycle, but they don't.


It's a very vexing issue and I would be grateful of any ideas. I can raise a job but I think I might be missing something simple here!




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Re: AP-215 basestations rebooted after power issue now showing flag 2ID

You should absolutely open a TAC case.  There could be a hardware issue.

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Re: AP-215 basestations rebooted after power issue now showing flag 2ID

Hi all;


Thought I'd update on the situation with this. Too often people report problems and then never get round to saying what happened in the end.


Having said that I've not got that much of a useful answer. As suggested above I did raise a call with the manitainer for this hardware. I was busy toing and froing providing dianostic information for them. Then one morning the problem went away. All the basestations that we flagged as 2ID returned to be flagged 2 which is normal.


I can only presume that whatever process on the controller had got stuck and was not replying to the requests from the basestations for configuration had started responding correctly.


Overall it's not that satisfying; I'd like to know what it was. We did have a whole building offline for around five days which wasn't ideal. 



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