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AP-225 Stuck in AM mode

Have just deployed 8 new AP-225's

Aruba Controller Firmware version

All 8 Ap's show up as AM mode on both channels when doing show AP Active and also in GUI yet they are configured according to RF profile as AP mode.


Show AP Active

SNR_HALL02 APPLETV-EBT 0 AM 0 AM 225 Aa 13m:52s N/A


RF Profile is the default used for all the other AP's and all AP105 and AP61 correctly show mode as AP-Mode.


Have tried provisioning to different profiles and reboot but same issue.


AP Config shows Mode as correctly as AP.

Show AP Config ap-name SNR_HAll02

Mode ap-mode ap-mode rf dot11g-radio-profile "default" / rf dot11a-radio-profile "default"


Any ideas - there are no special configs for these AP's that I am aware of.




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Re: AP-225 Stuck in AM mode

What regulatory domain are you in?
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Re: AP-225 Stuck in AM mode

You will likely see in the logging that there are no available channels in the regulatory domain or some regulatory domain mismatch.


Please upgrade to a newer ArubaOS release (for example to solve that. Regulatory domain settings for your region may have been missing at the moment of release of


Starting with ArubaOS 6.4, there is a feature (DRT) that allows you to update regulatory information without upgrading the OS.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: AP-225 Stuck in AM mode

Long overdue update.

Upgraded the firmware as suspected to and AP's are now working in AP mode.

Many thanks for the advice.


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