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AP 274 Maximal Throughput

Hi all, I have a question about maximal throughput on aruba ap 274 outdoor access point, since it said on it datasheet 2 gbps but in field, we have some problem that when that throughput reach 34 mbps the quality of ping itself are degradating to 300 ms +, is it normal ? please help if there any suggestion can improve this access point, i set this access point on stand alone mode and access port on switch. but seems like there too much interfering ssid when i see on the virtual controller, should i change the channel?gambar.pnggambar.png

Re: AP 274 Maximal Throughput

Would need more details:

* AP-274s with what antennas on each end?

* What is the current config/channel width, etc?

* What is the link distance?


Is this mesh or are you just seeing client access on that AP? If you are on channel 165, I would definately change channels, that is a lot of interference.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP 274 Maximal Throughput

Hi Thanks for reply,


Currently we are using directional antenna with 30 degree, channel width we currently use 80 Mhz, and  the link distance is 150 meter. it is mesh actually and by see on the portal, almost 45 ssid are interfering with my outdoor ap device, so should i change the channel ?, currently we are using 5.0 ghz frequency for mesh link

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