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Re: AP 275 coverage

Coverage from the AP-275 is low inside the building even though the AP is outside of the building? What power is the AP-275 at, is this a controller-based solution or is this an Instant AP? What country is the AP-275 operating in and on what channel?


There is no support for outdoor APs located outside buildings to provide coverage inside a building, sometimes it can work and sometimes not. There could be materials in the walls that attenuate RF to a much higher degree that prevent any useful RF from getting inside. You should take a reading to get the SNR of the RF coverage right outside the wall, and then from the closest point inside the wall to the AP to measure the attenuation of the wall. If you have strong coverage outside the wall and weak coverage inside, we then know that it's the wall that is attenuating the RF, and you will likely need to install an AP inside the building.

Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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