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AP-275 estimated coverage?

In a wide open area, what diameter coverage can you get from some ceiling-mounted AP-275 access points to have roughly -65dBm? Basically, I have a large open shop floor with 30' ceilings to cover. I appreciate any help.




Re: AP-275 estimated coverage?

In clear, flat open space, I would think -65dB at a 50m radius (100m diameter) is pretty close to what you should see. Note that the Rx sensitivity will dictate what the clients ACTUALLY see, as well as whether the client is 1-stream, 2-stream, or 3-stream. So you may have a client at 50m distance who sees -65dB, but another that sees something better OR worse.


But 50m radius I think is a good ballpark for *flat, clear line of sight, no obstructions*

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP-275 estimated coverage?

Awesome! Exactly what I needed to know. Much appreciated

Re: AP-275 estimated coverage?

Hello Jerrod

I was actually expecting to see something like 100 m radio and 200 meters diameter with this.

Because of the outdoor rate vs range with a sansung galaxy  chart you guys put once on the blog of airheads


how much Dbs you think i would get with a radio of 100m?  i mean a let say a pdt being 100m away from the ap 275? it would be bad?




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