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AP-275 on 6.5 code

I'm having a weird issue with a 275. Also have a TAC case open.


I have a 275 mounted out on the scoreboard of our school's softball field. This connects back to the network via a separate p2p wireless link. This has worked well, up until now.


I recently purchased two new controllers (7220) and loaded on to them. The reason is to support some 315s which I also just purchased. I will be moving all of my APs to these controllers.


I moved the 275 to the new controllers/software. It booted up ok, loaded the new software and rebooted successully. However, it only stayed up for about 2 minutes and went "down". After being down for around 45 minutes it came back up again, but once again just for 2 minutes. This pattern repeats over and over again.


One of the times while it was up, I moved it back to my old controller/software. It worked fine there, with no issues at all.


I removed the 275 and brought it to my office, plugged it directly into a POE switch there and upgraded it again. It does not display the same behaviour when connected directly to a POE switch. It works fine on the 6.5 software and new controller.


So, it would seem that the 6.5 software does not "like" the POE injector I have out on the softball field scoreboard, however does "like" it. At least that's what I'm assuming.


The question I have, is that why would one version of software be ok with the injector and another not be ok with it? Or is there something else potentially happening?

Re: AP-275 on 6.5 code

So if the 275 configured as a mesh point or is it a Campus AP (I wasn't clear from the description, you mention a separate PtP link, so I'm assuming the 275 is NOT doing mesh and is just like a wired AP), and when you move it, are all the controllers part of the same cluster/group (master-local, whatever) or are you moving it to different controller instances on different AOS code levels?


What is the type/model of power injector you are using?

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Re: AP-275 on 6.5 code

It is a Campus AP.


When I move it, I am moving it to a different set of master/local on different firmware. They are separate clusters.


Coming from a master going to a

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Re: AP-275 on 6.5 code

Which power injector are you using?


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Re: AP-275 on 6.5 code

It is a PowerDsine 9001GO



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