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AP-303 - wont give IP to clients



We have an accesspoint who stopped giving IP addresses to clients. We have 19 others who are working perfectly and the DHCP server is working fine, it is leasing IP addresses via other APs but not via this particular one. I think the AP is having problem with forwarding dhcp requests from clients. We have already tried to reboot the AP but still the same. Is anyone who has any idea why this is happening, or how can I see some logs regarding dhcp requests maded by clients?



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Re: AP-303 - wont give IP to clients

Is that Virtual AP VLAN Network Assigned? If yes, make sure that the correct client VLAN is trunked to that AP.

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Re: AP-303 - wont give IP to clients

You actually did ring the bells on my head. We have done some re patching on the switch that this APs connect to and the port which this particular AP was connected, unfortunately was not tagged for the vlans that those broadcasted SSID. I did this and now everything is working fine. Feels so good to be among you guys. Very competent ppl I see here! Thanks!

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