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AP 303H

Does anyone know up to how many users is save to have a 303H in rap mode?


I was wondering if i got a small office of 15-20 devices if the 303h could be the rap for that small office?

They want to connect that 303h to a switch a trunk the voice vlan and data vlan to some 8 iphones and 7 desktop, plus 2 to 5 wireless users




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Re: AP 303H

Hi Carlos,

Do you have the throughput estimated required per user?
I can try to do some calculation for which model either 2x2 or 3x3 is required.
For lite users, would be looking at 10-15 users for IAP303 since it is a 2x2 hospitality access point.

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Re: AP 303H

Following from what Melvin_Koh says, I'd suggest the difference between 2x2 and 3x3 AP is likely to be small unless all your clients support 3 spatial streams. This is unlikely. 


You may also want to consider what the WAN bandwidth is - if you're plugging the RAP into an ADSL line, for example, Wi-Fi throughput isn't going to be an issue.


It'd suggest that for normal office work, web and e-mail 1 Mbps per user should provide a reasonable service level, and on those grounds a 303H would be fine.

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