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AP-315 - 2930M 24 POE+ System LED Orange



i have a fresh insatlled 2930m stack (740W POE+) each switch and 1 AP-315. The AP is working fine but System LED is orange, which i low power operation as far as i know.


The switch is showing:

sh power-over-ethernet 2/20

 Status and Configuration Information for port 2/20

  Power Enable      : Yes                   PoE Port Status    : Delivering
  PLC Class/Type    : 4/2                   Priority Config    : low
  DLC Class/Type    : 0/-                   Pre-std Detect     : off
  Alloc By Config   : usage                 Configured Type    :
  Alloc By Actual   : usage                 PoE Value Config   : n/a

  PoE Counter Information

  Over Current Cnt  : 0                     MPS Absent Cnt     : 4
  Power Denied Cnt  : 0                     Short Cnt          : 0

  LLDP Information

  PSE Allocated Power Value : 6.5 W         PSE TLV Configured : dot3, MED
  PD Requested Power Value  : 0.0 W         PSE TLV Sent Type  : dot3
  MED LLDP Detect           : Disabled      PD TLV Sent Type   : n/a

  Power Information

  PSE Voltage       : 56.2 V                PSE Reserved Power : 6.6 W
  PD Amperage Draw  : 116 mA                PD Power Draw      : 6.6 W

 Refer to command's help option for field definitions

What is needet to be configured to get POE+ working?

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Re: AP-315 - 2930M 24 POE+ System LED Orange

firmware update of the switches to 16.04.0011  and now the AP got the power he wants to have

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